90 argumentative essay topics

Brainstorming is essential for a persuasive essay

An argumentative essay reflects a person’s capability to argue as well as persuading someone to agree to your opinion. More importantly, how you support your statements and claims while writing an argumentative essay is something to look out for, However, it is confusing to choose a topic for the essay.

Whether you are a high school student or studying at university, we have all received the task of writing long essays. However, the most difficult part for a writer is when they are to decide what topic to write an essay on, mainly because the freedom to choose an essay topic opens up the possibilities, Hence, the selection gets tricky.

So, if you’re looking for some topics to write an argumentative essay on. You are exactly where you should be as we will be discussing a number of topics that would help you select a topic. Here, we have placed different topics into various categories to help you scan down the topics.

Choosing a topic for an argumentative essay:

To ensure that your argument is solid you should choose a topic that is easy to research on. You might select a topic based upon your interests as it is expected that you are spending more time discussing, performing or reading about it.

Moreover, it can be something that you are an expert at, as well as a subject you have studied. Furthermore, a great practice is that you must research properly by reading about the topic on the internet, watching videos about the topic. Likewise, going through newspapers/magazines or journals, etc.

You come across new ideas while you research, as well as it will clear misconceptions so despite being an expert, studying a topic thoroughly before you start writing is always helpful.

90 argumentative essay topics:

Following are some suggestions for your argumentative essay:

Argumentative essay topics related to technology:

  1. The use of technology is improving the quality of living or making people lazy?
  2. Are we depending on technology more than we should be?
  3. Artificial intelligence is beneficial for our future. Agree or Disagree?
  4. Should parents focus on physical work or let their children make use of technology?
  5. There have to be limitations imposed on using social media.
  6. E-learning is a replacement for traditional learning. Give your ideas.
  7. Government agencies having access to social media profiles is a violation of privacy. Discuss.
  8. It has become impossible to spend a single day without the use of technology.
  9. Impacts of gaming on today’s generation.
  10. Online reading and digital libraries should be promoted.
  11. Does violence in gaming result in terrorism?
  12. Artificial intelligence will take over tasks that humans do, will that be a threat?

Education-based essay topics:

  1. The grading criteria of the students have to change.
  2. Having separate schools for the disabled creates discrimination. Discuss
  3. Do schools need to grade extracurricular activities to encourage students with low grades?
  4. What benefits does e-learning bring to the education system?
  5. Teachers and students should be allowed to socialize.
  6. Should countries start the system of sponsoring students?
  7. Giving assignments during vacations is helpful or time-wasting?
  8. What is required: job-oriented education or knowledge-oriented education?
  9. Civic sense should be included in education as a subject.
  10. Should there be more schools built or do that decrease the quality of education?
  11. Students should have the right to choose every subject they have to study.
  12. Schools should or should not have uniforms?
  13. Students should be allowed to evaluate teachers in the same way students are evaluated.
  14. The current education system is causing stress and depression among students.

Social Media related topics:

  1. Social media usage is affecting our interaction with others.
  2. Restricting social media access in workplaces decreases productivity.
  3. Has social media improved the quality of life?
  4. The use of social media is becoming dangerous.
  5. Social Media’s impact on a successful business.
  6. Social media addiction is as bad as drug addiction
  7. Monitoring social media activities is essential.
  8. Social media censorship is essential or not?
  9. The use of social media is distracting people from their responsibilities.
  10. Youtube is an easy way to earn money.
  11. Not everyone should have access to social media.

Essay topics on Law:

  1. Giving the death penalty to a criminal is a violation of human rights. Agree or Disagree?
  2. Political asylum is another way of illegal immigration
  3. Should a person be allowed to go out on bail?
  4. Should there be an authority that is above the law to ensure the implementation of the law?
  5. Allowing people to keep licensed weapons is unsafe.
  6. Should there be an additional tax on the items that are unsafe for health?
  7. What’s your opinion on cameras in public places?
  8. Animal testing should be illegal.
  9. Can trials that relate to national interest be broadcasted live?
  10. Is it possible to completely eradicate corruption?

Essay topics reflecting society:

  1. Addressing the issue of depression is significant.
  2. Seeing a psychologist regularly is essential. Discuss.
  3. Is it okay to discuss other people’s success to compare someone’s failure?
  4. People with different diversities in a workplace is a problem or a benefit?
  5. What is a bigger cause of poverty: Lack of education or Corruption?
  6. Competiton among people creates jealousy or eagerness?
  7. Crimes are the failure of society as a whole. Discuss.
  8. Parents should or should not influence their children to choose their profession?
  9. Teenagers should be allowed to give up education and pursue their interests.
  10. Importance of religion for a better society.
  11. People’s advice influences decision making.
  12. Is it important to have parenting sessions or classes?

Politics related topics:

  1. Dictatorship or Democracy?
  2. Only People with a politics degree should be allowed to join it.
  3. Discussion on politics should be banned in educational institutes and workplaces.
  4. Influence of protests and strikes on the government.
  5. Religion and Politics.
  6. Presidential Form of Government or Parliamentary Form of government? Discuss.
  7. Ban on hate speech will violate the right to freedom of speech.
  8. Countries should provide financial aid to each other or not.
  9. Ban on nuclear weapons will help create peace in the world. Give your opinion.
  10. What do you think about the fact that Prisoners should have the right to vote or not?
  11. Do you agree to the fact that politics should not be considered as a professional career as it might distract one from national interest?

Media and Arts:

  1. News channels should highlight positives by ignoring the negative aspects of society?
  2. Social media and TV artists/Public figures can influence how people behave.
  3. Crime shows are creating awareness among people.
  4. Journalists can not be biased in their views. Discuss.
  5. The introduction of electronic media has made print media go extinct.
  6. Although, celebrities are public figures people should not give opinions on their daily lives. Discuss
  7. An opinion is: ‘celebrities love paparazzi’. However, you might agree or disagree?
  8. Role of Movies and TV shows to create a healthy society.
  9. Do the roles in movies and drama create unrealistic expectations?
  10. Anyone with acting talent can become an actor! Agree or disagree

Topics on Sports:

  1. The constant change in the rules of sports effect teams. Is that effect positive or negative?
  2. Sports are important in educational institutes. Agree or Disagree?
  3. The business aspect of sports is harming the true soul of sports?
  4.  Making sports commercial is benefiting athletes or not?
  5. Team sports or Individual Sports. What’s better?
  6. Being a sportsman is easy money. Argue.
  7. Sportsmen can be the best influencers.
  8. Match-fixing, as well as corruption in sports, should lead to a lifetime ban.
  9. Entertainment sports such as WWE should not fall into the category of sports. Do you agree or disagree?
  10. According to you, Should fans nominate the awards or the authorities are better off doing it?

These argumentative essay topics would surely give you an idea of what you’re going to write on. However, it is advisable to select a topic keeping in mind your interest and knowledge regarding a subject.

Tips for writing an argumentative essay:

It is equally important to know the basic steps to ensure a well-written essay. Therefore, here are some suggestions that you can make use of:

  • While writing an argumentative essay you must consider addressing people who disagree with your opinion because firstly, it helps you focus on persuading. Secondly, it helps you come up with arguments.
  • Talk to people about your essay topic to know what are they think.
  • Similarly, look out for the uncovered areas of the topic. This will make your essay different.
  • Try targeting a misconception in people about that topic.

To summarize, a good choice of the essay topic is essential for what you write in your essay. At times, you might select a topic that attracts you, but there is no use if you don’t have enough material to write on it. Similarly, it is not only important to write more, but the quality of your content matters.